bassic chill

bassic chill

bassic chill is an innovative music project that combines elements of minimalism, chill jazz, and improvisation. The artist, Marcin Majcherek, creates musical pieces in real time using a baritone guitar and guitar effects. Improvisation plays a key role in the creative process, allowing for the purest form of expression. The music provides a space for quiet reflection and catching one’s breath in times when the pace of life is so fast. His debut album “WITHIN,” released in 2022, is a journey into his inner world, offering a variety of sonic and emotional experiences.

The bassic chill project has already performed several dozen concerts across Poland and abroad (including in Austria, Croatia, and the Czech Republic).

About the album

WITHIN is a journey to the inner self of the author. This album is a soothing answer to the tempestuous times. The majority of the compositions is instrumental, however, you may also discover some pieces with beautiful and deep lyrics, bringing up very important and current topics. The album is stylistically diverse, ranging from very rhythmical compositions to utterly ambient ones. The author refers to his musical style as chill-jazz. The significant aspect of the creation here was the improvisation that enabled the artist’s purest form of expression.


Marcin Majcherek

Polish multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, music producer. He graduated from Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice at Jazz Department.

In 2022, he released his debut album, featuring, among others, Piotr Żaczek, Marcin Górny and Marta Wajdzik.

He also plays as a bass player in bands Who is Judy, Natalia Sikora, Kacper Bator, Warsiński Trio and Kamila Krawczyk. As a session musician, he recorded bass guitars for artists from Brasil, France, Canada, Italy, Great Britain, Israel and Taiwan.


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